Gallery of our reproduction British tax discs in action

We are always pleased to receive pictures of our replica tax discs in action.

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1943 Admiralty Austin K4 Turntable Fire Escape at the Austin Centennial Cofton Park July 2005. It has been recently restored by Mr Cartwright, the proud owner.

Seen at Silverstone in July 2005. This BMC Competition Department transporter has been recreated to produce this magnificent vehicle. It has involved lengthening the chassis and totally recreating the body.

Detailing a classic vehicle does not stop with getting the trim correct. Mr Hoyle’s delightful Austin 7 fruitier’s van is totally detailed with a full load of fruit and veg, scales, and 1936 Tax Disc. Very eye-catching wherever it is shown.

The Austin Seven van is so pretty, we couldn’t resist a second look!

Our tax discs helped to give that authentic feel to replica vehicles. We supplied a 1935 disc to dress this Michelin promotional vehicle, based in France and operated by Michelin.

Lee Clarke from London has done a cracking job of restoring this 1967 Morris 10 cwt van. Also known as the half ton, the van is seen on show with a very happy owner at the August 2004 BMC show at Peterborough. A good show, well worth a visit.

A rare one this. This MKII Cortina is an extremely rare Crayford 3 litre conversion, fitted with an Essex 3 litre block. This car appeared out of the woodwork in 2003 with very low mileage, original documentation and the plastic covers still on the seats.

1934 Riley Kestrel, known as the white Riley, this one was built for Prince Bira of Siam, who raced it. It has been completely restored in recent years.

This Kestrel was recently reunited with one of its past owners, John McCullen who had it, from 1957 until 1960.He is seen here with the car at the reunion arranged by Earlswood Reproduction. He sold the car fearing the need for replacing the gearbox - in fact the car is still running ok on the original gearbox in 2006!

Light commercials can make wonderful restoration projects. Graham Carr has done a lovely job with this delightful Ford Thames Van that he uses to promote his Scooter Business. The van proudly wears one of our 1958 discs.

Not a drophead Rover P4, George Hamill's accurate replica of the 1952 experimental gas turbine car, JET 1, detailed with one of our Tax Discs.

One of our personal favourites, the big Healey. Here, Stephen Baker's lovely Austin Healey 3000 is seen wearing both a 1959 and a current Tax Disc. It is entirely legal to drive on a British road displaying an Earlswood Tax Disc, providing that you also display the current, valid Tax Disc.

As marques go, we probably supply Tax Discs for more Ford owners than any other. This is Gareth Beynon's RS 3.1 litre Capri, now sporting a 1974 Tax Disc. Seen on the RS Owners Club stand in 2004.

Despite the imitation Tax Disc really being aimed at British classic cars and bikes, we also do a surprising number for American metal. This is A Aldridge’s ’73 Mercury Cougar on display at the 2004 Classic Car Show, complete with majorettes dancing in front of it.

What a gem! - Daniel Ingold's beautiful MG M 12/12 of 1930. It was a specially-produced works car for Norman Black to race at Brooklands. Daniel is president of the MG Car Club Suisse Romande and spent five years restoring this car.

A well-travelled Traveller. Happy customer Roy Gilbert's Morris Traveller seen in his garden in Australia.

Resident in Virginia, USA, customer Graham Wallis was extremely pleased with the copy 1929 Tax Disc that we supplied for him. His 2 litre Lagonda is seen at speed, taking Turn 2 at Laguna Seca in 2002. This image was supplied via the site, which has many excellent images in its photo section, including the Michelin promotional van seen in our gallery. Worth a visit.

Hugh Ticknor was the first to think of producing fascimile Tax Discs. He had restored this wonderful 1936 Velocette Mac ( twice, after it caught fire.....), and bought a second-hand disc at auction. He intended to erase the old details and put in his own. He messed it up and as he was a printer, he set about doing his own. After a long fight with officialdom, he gained an HMSO licence in 1995, and the rest is history. Sadly, Hugh died in July 2003, but Earlswood Reproduction has carried on and we still have the Velocette!

American bike restorer Vince Lupo used one of our Tax Disks to finish his 1966 Honda CB77 Superhawk. To quote him: ‘Super – Duper! Thanks ever so much for providing this service to us nitpicking restoration lunatics.’ Looks like you’ve done a great job, Vince!

Not quite what it seems… Val Warren was looking for a Lotus Cortina and came across this nicely detailed replica. Her husband Phil already has one of our Tax Discs on his Mark 3 Zodiac and she has detailed her Lotus with 1964 facsimile Disc. The car is seen at the excellent RetroFord magazine launch at the Ace Café in March 2006. We have supplied Tax Discs for quite a number of genuine Lotus’s, including two original works cars.

Seen at the RetroFord magazine launch, at the Ace Café, this is deputy editor Ben Morley’s highly tweaked Ford Escort van. Featuring a very naughty hopped-up Vauxhall engine, lowered suspension and discs all round – including a ’69 Tax Disc from our good selves. It’s – er - terribly green, Ben!

The stylish Singer Gazelle was always a pretty car in standard form, but even prettier as a drophead. This is David Brown’s car seen on the Singer Club stand at the 2005 Classic car show. In fact nearly all their cars were displayed with our reproduction Tax Discs.

One of our own cars, a 1981 Ford Capri Ghia. This was given a ground-up restoration from 1995 to 2001, winning its class at Ford Fair that year. Seen at the RetroFord magazine launch at the Ace Café in March, 2006, after a particularly enjoyable motorway thrash!

There are very few early Volvos in the UK. Dr Andrew Anderson imported this ex-museum car into the UK in 2005. This imposing beast is in excellent condition, with a delightful ‘Pullmanesque’ interior. Engine is a large 3266cc straight six.

Happy customer Mr Jones from Burton-on-Trent, astride his 1948 Royal Enfield Model G. A 350cc single, it originally cost £146 1s 0d back then. Happy days!

American customer Larry Suglia of Pennsylvania used one of our aged Tax Disks to detail his Neval MT10. This 650cc bike is a modern Russian machine made in the retro style and Larry felt that a period Tax Disk would give it that finishing touch.

A nicely restored military motor-cycle. This 1943 Matchless G3L-WD despatch bike was detailed with one of our brass Tax Disc holders by owner C Roberts of South Wales. The bike is a 347cc single and really looks the part.

Austrian customer Thomas Voglar has been busy restoring this Triumph TR2 racer. It was raced at Le mans by Sanderson and Dickson in 1955 as seen in this shot taken during the race itself.

Thomas Volgar's Le Mans TR2 as it is today. He hopes to have it finished inthe late summer of 2006. When rolled out, it will be adorned with an Earlswood Tax Disc in one of our holders!

A big cat with attitude! David Steene's imposing 1959 Jaguar XK150, complete with an aged Earlswood Tax Disc.

Restored by Steve Kirby, a wonderful 1960 Morris Dray in the colours of West Berkshire Brewery, is used as a promotional vehicle, nice one Steve. Cheers!

Another very satisfied Tax Discs customer, with a 1969 Ginetta G15, 850cc. The picture was taken at Easter, at a local Sunday afternoon club meet, at Bournemouth Pier

Another customer thanks us for sending him an 'excellent Tax Disc' for his fantastic 1952 Morris Minor 918cc at Mobberley. What a lovely condition the car is in. Thanks.

Dutchman Remo Frederiks has done a superb job restoring this 1957 Triumph TR3a. It has won many trophies at shows, both in its home country and here in the UK, most recently at the 2006 TR event at Malvern, where it collected the Sebring Trophy plus second place in the Standard Condition class. It has now been detailed with an authentic Earlswood Reproduction Tax Disc plus a chrome holder. If you are into early TR's, take a look at Remo's wonderful website or go to our links page.

Jim Cameron's nicely restored pre-series Morris 8. Built on the 12th December, 1934, it hit the road originally on the 29th of the same month, in Southampton - a Christmas present perhaps? A four seater tourer that Jim has detailed with an authentic looking 1934 Tax Disc.

Affectionately known as Jessica (of Roger Rabbit fame) the 2 Litre Saloon was considered to be more of a Luxury car of its time with standard items such as a cigar lighter, spotlamp and reversing lights as well as leather seats and a sunroof. Jessica was restored over a period of 3 years, partly by its previous owner, and now continued by its current owner, Ralph Colombo.

A great example of a rare Series 1 Landrover, originally owned by the Forestry Commission ( now by Ralph Columbo), she now lives in Berkshire and is used frequently to fetch and carry as well as being loved and looked after as all historic vehicles should be.

Believe it or not, this Morgan Type F2 three-wheeler spend 40 years under a hedge. As you can see, it has been beautifully brought back to life by Wendy Kingshott. Suitably dressed with a '36 Tax Disc from the Tax Disc People, Wendy tells us that she is getting to grips with the crash gearbox. Once completed with the windscreen, watch out for it at Morgan Club events.

This delightful 1939 Bentley saloon is owned by one of our American customers. In fantastic condition, it is bodied by Mulliner - their High Vision style ostensibly for continental touring. It was ordered by the then owner and managing director of the Hercules Bicyle company. As a 1939 car, one wonders how much continetal touring it managed before the outbreak of WW2... The present owner has won several shows with it.

Seen at the simply fantastic 2006 Goodwood Revival Meeting, this is Peter Sloper's 1953 Ford Thames 5cwt van. As you can see from the name on the side, this one has been in the family since new, and back in the fifties, Peter's father delivered milk in it. It was restored three years ago and was working as a service vehicle at the Revival meeting.

American visitor to Beaulieu Autojumble, Thomas Poole bought a Tax Disc to dress his rare 1934 MG L1. His car is chasis No. 01414 of only 576 built. It has a 1086cc OHC six cylinder engine, complete with supercharger and a pre-selector transmission. Mtr Poole imported it to the States from Switzerland in 1999 and tells us that it is frequently driven and is quite capable of high motorway speeds - Safety Fast, of course!

John Brighton's 1939 Austin 12 adorned with a 1939 Tax Disc. John has faithfully returned this car to its original condition as a police vehicle and it is frequently to be seen at classic vehicle rallies around the Watford area, including the very wonderful Classics on the Green at Croxley Green.

A well-travelled Bentley. Seen in New Zealand whilst 'en vacance', John Hamperl's 3.5 litre Bentley Sports looks to be in good company. This stylish and powerful car was to be seen at the 2006 Classics on the Green event, now sporting a 1934 reproduction tax disc plus holder.

American visitor to Beaulieu Autojumble, Thomas Poole bought a Tax Disc to dress his rare 1934 MG L1. His car is chasis No. 01414 of only 576 built. It has a 1086cc OHC six cylinder engine, complete with supercharger and a pre-selector transmission. Mtr Poole imported it to the States from Switzerland in 1999 and tells us that it is frequently driven and is quite capable of high motorway speeds - Safety Fast, of course!

Another of Richard Bennett's excellent bikes, this one his 1960 Excelsior Consort. This is also fitted with the 98cc Villiers engine though a later model than that fitted to his Comet. It was largely restored when he bought it with the engine arriving in a box. It was totally restored but did not run...She is now in fine running order and has a 1960 Tax Disc from the Tax Disc People, though the 2007 disc is seen in the photo.

Ian Taylor sent us some lovely shots of his recently restored A35 van. He found it in a lockup, covered in dust but with no rust and no mechanical work needed. Running a paint shop, he did the decent thing and gave it this superb new look, complete with one of our Tax Discs and some period plates to finish it off. If you are needing a respray for your project and you live near Horley, Surrey, give him a call: 01293 781035

Good customer Richard Bennett has a fleet of classic bikes, all with Earlswood Tax Discs. This is his recently restored 1952 James Comet, with the 98cc Villiers engine. It proved to be a lot of work as much was mising. This shot shows it wearing its new paint job.

American customer Jeff Millman was ecstatic when he got his 1959 Tax Disc for this lovely TR3. (He also had one of our cafe racer posters to dress his garage) Jeff is just about to hit the show circuit in the States with his TR so we wish him luck with it .

This is a 1931, Dennis 30 cwt bus which can be seen driving around Winchester

Regular Tax Disc customer Russ Montgomery bought this 1928 Norton as an unfinished project at the Bonham's auction at Beaulieu. He finished it and added an aged Tax Disc from the Tax Disc People as the final touch. Engine is a single pot 490cc.

A happy Richard Bennett with his 1960 Norton Navigator, at the 2006 Norton Day Show at Wittington Castle, Oswestry. The two trophies are for Best Lightweight and best of all - Best in Show. Naturally his Navigator is detailed with a Tax Disc from Earlswood Reproduction - if you are serious about concours showing, only the best will do!

Oozing 50's style at the 25th All Ford Show, was this gorgeous 1959 Mark 2 Zephyr convertible, owned and restored by Mr S Heath of Swindon. He has had the car for 11 years and was one of our earliest customers when heput a 1959 Tax Disc on the screen. The unusual Shark Blue colour is nicely offset by all that period chrome.

Ford produced some stylish cars back in the early sixties, including the very American-styled Consul Capri and its four door sister, the Ford Classic. Both were sadly under-powered and so did not remain long in production. This 1962 Classic is seen with new owner Alan Harding plus the car's vendor and restorer, Rick Wells. A rare car these days, it is displaying a 1962 Tax Disc from the Tax Disc People.

This 1965 Corsair 1500GT convertible has quite a story behind it. In the spring of 2005, Becky Spink took the brave decision to have her future husband's car restored in time for their wedding that August. Amazingly, with not a little help from Hughes Coachworks in West Molesey, this stylish drophead went from junker to jewel in time for the Big Day. Husband Michael, seen here with the car at the 2006 All Ford Show at Abingdon, was gobsmacked, as well he might be! Now resplendent with a '65 reproduction Tax Disc from our goodselves, you can read all about it in the December 2006 edition of Practical Classics

We already have a shot of Val Warren's Lotus Cortina on the gallery. Now husband Steve's ubercool Mark 3 Zodiac gets in on the act. It is seen at the 2006 All Ford Show at Abingdon and was a featured car in the January edtion of Classic Ford, where you will find a litle piece about the new range of Tax Discs from the Tax Disc People. They cover the years from 1975 to 1992, but Steve's car has a 1965 Tax Disc from our original range.

Acquired by R J Newington in 1995, this 5 ton Dennis brewer's dray has been painstakingly reconstructed. In poor condition, he had to construct many new parts from scratch on site but it is now finished with a 1946 Earlswood Tax Disc to go with the colours of the local brewer in Kent that it originally wore.

Regular customer Brian Johnson has just put one of our new 1989 Tax Discs on his Ferrari 328GTB. This garage shot shows it with its housemates, a 1950 Norton 'Big Four' and just nudging into frame, Brian's 1948 MG TC. You're a lucky chap, Brian - what a choice of toys to play with on a sunny day!

Brian Johnson's sleek Ferrari 328GTB out of the garage. This car is very shy, having only covered 3770 miles from new in 1989. Brian says that it has never seen a raindrop!

With our new range of Tax discs now covering the years up to 1992, we were able to help Barrie Papworth detail this sleek 1987 Brooklands Capri. Hitherto, we only used to cover the Mark 1 cars but now we can supply Capri lovers whatever their year from early Mark 1's to the Brookies. Barrie is a member of the excellent Tamar Area Capri Owners group ( TACO) and has a couple of other Mark 3's. You can find out more about TACO via our links page.

With the increasing interest in restoring trucks, we now find that are doing increasing numbers of Tax Discs for HGV's. Despite the logistics of working on such large vehicles, standards are just as high for the truck restorers as you will find for classic cars. A good example is Gary Gedge's imposing 1990 ERF tractor unit. It has been totally restored with a good eye for detail - note the chrome wheel trims and the great paint job. Watch out for it at shows - complete with a 1990 Tax Disc from the Tax Disc People.

Neil and Jane Parnham's delightful 1937 Morris 8 convertible is seen on a bright day in February 2007, proudly displaying its replica Tax Disc. Though made in relatively large numbers in Oxford ( it has a Thames valley registration), most were saloons. This is a rare survivor. It is powered by the 918cc sidevalve engine and is a very practical four seater.

A stable mate for their Morris 8, this is Neil and Jane Parnham's sleek 1939 Rover 14SS. Regarded by some as a poor man's Rolls Royce, Rover had a reputation for building quality motor cars for English gentlemen pre WW2. Powered by an OHV engine of 1577cc, the SS stood in the car's title stood for Sports Saloon. A splendid motor, Mr and Mrs Parnham!

John Downs had this recently restored 1957 Scammell Scarab on the Mechanical Horse Club stand at the 2007 Donnington Classic Truck Show. Finished in British Railways 'blood and custard' paint, the 1957 Tax Disc supplied by our good selves matched very well, being red and white! John spent six long years restoring the Scammell, which was in a poor state when he got it. Cracking job, John

Cover girl and featured truck for the February 2007 edition of the excellent Heritage Commercials magazine was this impressive 1932 Leyland Bull ( Get a back issue for the full story - 01507 529439). After a lengthy career plus some time in a scrap yard, present owner John Kerr spent 4 years restoring the Bull to the glorious condition that she is in today. Though the chassis was in good condition, a new cab (to the original pattern) and body needed to be produced. The 8.2 litre Leyland diesel engine is amongst the earliest diesels made in the UK and this individual engine is the oldest one still in working order anywhere. Despite all that capacity, the typical speed for the Bull is about 16-18 mph though she can take quite a while to get there. John completed detailing his wonderful restoration with an aged 1932 Tax Disc from the Tax Disc People to match his period operator's licence.

Seen in September 2006, Leon Daniels has long been restoring this 1961 AEC Routemaster bus. It was taking part in the London Transport vintage bus operating week at the time, running the number 9 and 15 routes. The Routemaster was just out of the spray shop and so was missing LT transfers and has temporary reflective number plates. Leon is seen at the wheel. He has bought both a 1960 Tax Disc and a 1961 Tax Disc for the two seperate identities that are correct for this vehicle. Watch out for it at future vintage bus runs.

This lovely AEC was delivered new to Morecombe and Heysham Corporation in 1950. It was used by them right up until 1976. It was sold directly into preservation and was subsequently acquired by present owner Marc Knott in 1992. It was run until 1999, when Marc began a painstaking restoration to the standard that you see here by 2003. It has been kept roadworthy since then whilst he continues to restore the interior - likely to be finished by 2008. And as part of his interior detailing, Marc has fitted a 1950 Tax Disc from the Tax Disc People.

Dr Brendan Boyle's 1932 Standard Little Nine is now finally finished after a nut and bolt restoration over the last thirty years. It was previously owned by the chief road tester for Morgan - Charlie Curtis. Dr Boyle says: 'All 1932 Standard models were supplied with an externally-mounted Tax Disc Holder, so having a period looking Disc in it adds that special touch.'

Latterday Bentley Boy Stuart Hogg out on the Queen's highway in his imposing 1924 Bentley 3 litre Tourer. Note the matching Discs either side of the screen, 1924 Tax Disc on one side and a 2007 on the other.

Commander Norman describes his 1930 Rolls Royce Phantom Mk II as a magnificent beast - we would not disagree. He has put in about 500 hours of work, including an engine rebuild and new running boards to create the imposing masterpiece we see here. He says that it is not easy to drive, but is great in a straight line in top gear.... He also says of the replica 1930 Tax Disc: " The Tax Disc is a really professional job and I am very happy with it." We are glad to be of service, Commander!

Alan Kirtley had thisvery retro 1958 Bedford CA camper on display at the 2007 Classic Car Show. The CA had taken onl a year to restore to the wonderful condition seen here. He will be dressing it with one of our 1958 repro Tax Discs, not yet fitted when the photo was taken. '

Seen at the 2006 Classic Car Show at the NEC, is Mr Stubley's smart Ford RS2000. His car came to him with a lot of history including most of the original Tax Discs, but two were missing - we were able to fill in the gaps with 1976 and 1977 Tax Discs, suitably aged to blend in with the originals. All part of the service we can offer.

Restored by customer in his shed after sitting in his mate's garage for 25 years.

This 1973 Rolls Royce Corniche, now owned by Dave Hughes, was Elton John's first Rolls. It is in totally original condition ( apart from some minor restoration), with immaculate Regency Bronze paint and Grey Everflex roof. It was featured on the pull-out supplement to The Captain Fantastic and the Dirt Brown Cowboy album, and also briefly appeared on the big screen at Elton's performance at the Princess Diana Concert. The Corniche is seen complete with a 1973 Tax Disc and the Captain Fantastic album cover.

When walking home one Sunday, this fantastically restored 1965 Lambretta passed us. Very impressed, we followed it to speak with owner David Muir. An 1965 Li150 model, David had purchased it largely restored and detailed it himself over the preceeding year. We suggested the finishing touch of a 1965 Tax Disc and Holder to match and David thought that it would be just the thing. Since adding them to the scooter, we often see him riding it round the local area on it on dry days, looking as good as ever.

Pre-production 3 Litre S Capri

1965 Humber Sceptre

October 2007 saw the completion of Brian O'Reilly's 1974 Massey Ferguson 135 restoration, now in pristine condition. The ploughing gear at the rear of the tractor is just as neatly restored as the bodywork. Brian has detailed the Massey with one of our Farmer's Tax Discs, seen in the second picture mounted within one of our reproduction Brass Tax Disc Holders. A fantastic job, Brian.

Thought to be the world's oldest surviving Aston Martin, this car was owned originally by Lionel Martin, who raced and crashed it. The car remained in a damaged state in storage for many years before being beautifully restored by Stanley Milton-White. This wonderful piece of British motoring history has recently been acquired by Astons themselves for display at British Motor Museum, Gaydon. Before it was delivered, Mr Milton-White detailed it with one of our reproduction 1923 Tax Discs.

A very happy Mike Thomas with his lovely 1965 Ford Corsair at the 2007 Classic Car Show. His Corsair has had a ground up rebuild topped off with a super paint job and a period tax disc. He was so pleased with his Disc that he bought one for a friend's Corsair police car and another for his wife's Standard Pennant!

Amongst Bill Swindells' classic tractor collection, is perhaps this equivalent of the MG B in the classic car world: the Grey Fergie. This model had an enormous impact on British agriculture when launched post WW2, and was built in huge numbers. Bill's nice example dates from 1949 and has been restored into the classic grey livery.

Thought to be the world's oldest surviving Aston Martin, this car was owned originally by Lionel Martin, who raced and crashed it. The car remained in a damaged state in storage for many years before being beautifully restored by Stanley Milton-White. This wonderful piece of British motoring history has recently been acquired by Astons themselves for display at British Motor Museum, Gaydon. Before it was delivered, Mr Milton-White detailed it with one of our reproduction 1923 Tax Discs.

Another rare Omega motorcycle from Richards Glenn's collection, this time a 1923 model, also 350cc JAP powered, seen before the addition of a 1923 Tax Disc

Richard Glenn has detailed this extremely rare 1927 Omega motorcycle with one of our repro Tax Discs. Though built in '27, it was not registered until 1928. Power is care of a 350cc engine, supplied by JAP, as many small motorcycle manufacturers were at that time. If you are an Omega owner or are knowledgeable about them, than Richard would be keen to hear from you . Please send an email via this website.

We supply replica Tax Disks for many MG's but this is a real rarity - Tom Metcalf has lovingly rebuilt this wonderful MG L1 police car, one of only 8 supplied to the Lancashire force way back in 1933. In addition to that history, it is an early car, being chassis number 13 on the production line. A lovely job ,Tom.

Yamaha FS1-E

Martin Browning's 1973 Lotus Europa Special fitted with a Lotus twincam engine mated to a 5 speed gearbox. (The final iteration of the type). Purchased it 2006 following a total 5 year ground up restoration in England. It is now perfect in every detail with a body work finish which is remarkable for a fibreglass car. Martin's Europa car was featured in Classic and Sportscar approx 6 years ago. It only comes out on sunny Sundays, spending the rest of its time in an inflated 'bubble'.

This Beautiful specimen of a 1934 Triumph Goria Monte Carlo Tourer resides in Belgium.

Here is the front view of the same 1934 Triumph Goria Monte Carlo Tourer.

This is Andy Moffett's classic 1964 Ford Cortina GT before restoration work commenced.The view behind is of Encounter Bay, Victor Harbor, South Australia. The project is ongoing and we look forward to seeing the finished car sporting one of our 1964 Tax Discs :-)

This lucky 1934 Lagonda Rapier resides in New Zeland and sports one of our Tax Disc Holders.

Where do you put a tax disc on a fire engine? The picture show a close up of one of our discs in one of our authentic tax disc holders (available separately).

What a wonderful example of a 1961 Dennis F28 Fire Engine, owned by the same person for 23 years. The restoration took 4 years.

A Fantastic example of a 1965 Leyland Routemaster Double Decker bus. Bring back the big red buses I say.

What a fantastic example of a 1979 Volkswagen Camper van.

Jaguar XJ6 Series 1. The car was bought new in 1972 by Barclays Bank International as transport for a manager. He then bought it from the bank when they disposed of it as he liked it so much. It has since been owned by a couple of Jaguar enthusiasts before coming to Simon Smith. It has done 98,000 well documented miles without having any major restoration work. The paint on the bonnet, boot and roof is the original as is the engine and interior. Simon has only owned it since August '08 but enjoy any excuse to drive, maintain and improve it.

Have you ever asked 'Where do I put a tax disc on a car?' It is situated in the nearside (kerbside/passenger side) lower corner of the front windscreen. Simon had placed it just right on his Jaguar XJ6.

1959 MGA Twin Cam

Purchased in 2007 after it has been in an orchard for 17 years, this 1954 Atkinson Lorry has been fully restored and painted in the colours of a vehicle the owners's Father used to drive int he 50's